WTF is a Potimist?

I am a cannabis consumer. I am a patient. I am a successful, professional woman with social and business skills. I benefit from using marijuana in many ways. I enjoy it in many ways. I am every stereotype and none. I defy expectations. I am a Potimist.

A Potimist? What is that?  

A word sparked by the word ‘optimist’—a moment of inspiration also sparked by a big bong hit, by the way. But it’s reflective of what I think the spirit and future of cannabis is: where the market, and perception, has opened up to adults of types. An idea that pot is associated with positive, good attributes and benefits… that people respect and appreciate that, even if it’s not for them, cannabis can have a place in modern, enlightened society. And a desire to make cannabis more accessible and approachable.

It’s an idea that I truly believe in. So much so that I’ve decided to turn my passion into my profession—to put my skills to work in a new space, to join in (and help lead) what I believe will be a massive growth industry. I want to be part of it. Not just as a consumer and patient, but as a professional. 

And so I’ve quit my agency job NY and headed to Colorado to start a new path…. to start, I’m learning the space and helping businesses with their strategy, branding and communications needs. We’ll see where it takes me. From my childhood, I’ve been encouraged to be adventurous. And this will be an adventure, one way or the other. 

That’s how I’ve become a Potimist.  Are you a Potimist, too?


About Stephanie Byer

I am an author, entrepreneur, consultant and former strategy and communications executive who found a ‘higher purpose’ in cannabis.

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