The Cult of Cannabis?

My mother thinks I’ve joined a cult. My father thinks I’ve become a hippie. It’s not just because I’ve made a choice to leave a good job in NYC to join the ‘green rush.’ And it’s not just because I chose to leave my friends and family to live a nomadic life in Boulder with a […]

I had no idea

Cannabis. Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Dope. Ganja. Medicine.  Whatever you call it, this plant is pretty freakin’ amazing. It heals. It cures. It powers cars! It’s been around for millennia and used by cultures around the world — it’s only the last decades of prohibition and propaganda that have vilified cannabis, taken it from an accepted medicine […]

WTF is a Potimist?

I am a cannabis consumer. I am a patient. I am a successful, professional woman with social and business skills. I benefit from using marijuana in many ways. I enjoy it in many ways. I am every stereotype and none. I defy expectations. I am a Potimist. A Potimist? What is that?   A word […]