Finding my path

It’s coming up on a year since I decided to put my life onto a different path, and I am both exactly where I planned to be and nowhere near where I thought I’d be. I’ve gained experience, good and bad. I’ve learned about the industry and continue to believe passionately in cannabis’ ability to help […]

The Cult of Cannabis?

My mother thinks I’ve joined a cult. My father thinks I’ve become a hippie. It’s not just because I’ve made a choice to leave a good job in NYC to join the ‘green rush.’ And it’s not just because I chose to leave my friends and family to live a nomadic life in Boulder with a […]

What do you call the next generation of hippies?

As I sit here watching another great episode of Weediquette (on Vice TV),  I have a flash of insight that many of us involved in this industry are truly the next generation of hippies. The opportunity is bringing a lot of players to the table, many of whom are here just for the feast. But it’s also […]